The members of the Community Council of Mosfiloti, that have been elected during the municipal elections of 18/12/2016 are:
Full Name: Andreas O. Panayiotou (President)
Τelephone: 99628646
Full Name: Dimitris Afxentis (Vice-President)
Τelephone: 99666468
The members of the Community Council are:
Full Name: Thekla Kyriacou
Τelephone: 99964502
Full Name: Nicos Georgiou
Τelephone: 99643734
Full Name: Vasileia Papamichael
Τelephone: 99347442
Full Name: Christakis Aggeli
Τelephone: 99470407
Full Name: Nestoras Papaioannou Andreou
Τelephone: 96747074
Full Name: Panayiotis Panayiotou
Τelephone: 99796926
Full Name: Nestoraw K. Nestora
Τelephone: 99499074
The Personnel of the Community Council is:
Full Name: Maria Kousiappa (Secretary)
Full Name: Tasoula Karaoli (Clerk)
Full Name: Stella Christou (Clerk)
Full Name: Stratis Panayiotou (Worker)